Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Here Falls the Shadow - Another Masterpiece by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay

Maity and Prakash strike again. This time in a remote town called Nimdeora.

Maity is invited by one the of the famous writers called Sangram Talukdar and he picks Prakash also in this thrilling journey.

Both of them are in awe of the scenic beauty and also by the huge Talukdar mansion in the hills.

As in the case of Mr.Chattopadhyay's novels, tension and intrigue build albeit slowly. We are steadily drawn into the surroundings, get acquainted by the characters and start living in the story.

Then the tragedy strikes. To know what happens you must embark on the thrilling journey to Nimdeora. Things do not appear as they do. Each character is having a past and can serve as a potent motive for the present mishaps. Apart from these human forces there might be supernatural forces lurking as well.

To know whether it is the humans or is there really any supernatural entity which is causing all the mayhem and disturbing the silent and peaceful lives of Talukdars, grab a copy of the Book and get going.

Coming to the characters, readers reading this book will be familiar with Maity and Prakash. In case not, please read Penumbra (Click here to get a copy of Penumbra) (Read my review of Penumbra here !!!) and you will get to know about Maity and Prakash. The description of the other characters is also clear and you can imagine each of them. Apart from the victim, each of them has an aura of confusion surrounding them.

Of course, you will have your own conclusions about who is the culprit. To know who is the culprit, grab a copy and start reading!!!

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