Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wednesday Double Header - Preview

It is a double header tomorrow as Pakistan takes on Bangladesh in Kolkata and West Indies takes on England in Mumbai.

Pakistan vs. Bangladesh

 Will Bangladesh replicate their performance against Pakistan which they did in the recently concluded Asia or Pakistan would exact revenge on their neighbors. Both the teams have plenty of experience as well as fresh legs in their team but going by the recent performances Bangladesh has an edge over Pakistan. An exciting contest is on the cards.

Key Players to watch out for: Shahid Afridi, Tamim Iqbal, Soumya Sarkar, Mohammad Amir

England vs. West Indies

 England team is a new look young team with plenty of new faces and fresh legs who would be excited to make a mark at the International level. Whereas, West Indies has a mix of experience as well as youth. They have an added advantage of playing in these conditions since many of them are seasoned campaigners during the perennial cricketing extravaganza IPL.

Key Players to watch out for: Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Eoin Morgan, Joe Root

We can expect a mouth watering contest in both the cases and will be exciting to watch.

What a turnaround!!! Who would have thought India would get buried in their backyard and the weapon would be Spin!!!

Congratulations to the New Zealand team on winning the opening game of the ICC T20 World Cup match against the hosts on a turning track. Enough eyebrows were raised when the NZ Skipper rested their premier fast bowlers Time Southee and Trent Boult and three spinners were played.

Indian bowling was pretty good and they put up a decent effort in restricting NZ to 126. There was a plenty of turn in the pitch of which Jadeja and Ashwin made good use of. Even Raina had good outing along with decent spells from Nehra and Bumrah. The fielding was brilliant and the run out affected by Raina in his own bowling was outstanding.

Coming to the Indian batting, it looked like they were clueless. It was appearing as if there were demons in the pitch. As Dhoni said in the post-match presentation there were a couple of soft dismissals. But the credit cannot be taken away from the Kiwi bowlers who bowled with venom and bowled out the strong looking Indian batting line up for paltry 79 runs.

However, this defeat can be treated as an eye-opener and hope India bounce back strongly.

Monday, March 14, 2016

ICC T20 World Cup Preview

The qualifiers are over and the two teams among them to make it to the main competition are Bangladesh and Afghanistan. Congratulations from our side to these two teams for making it to the big league. The team of Afghanistan was mighty impressive and they have already made heads turn around.

Now, coming to the groups in which these 10 teams are grouped.

Group 1 consists of the runners up Srilanka, the West Indies, the new and young English team, SA, the team every cricket fan supports next to his home team and finally Afghanistan. On paper it looks a pretty formidable and decent group.

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Srilanka did not put up a good show in the recently concluded Asia Cup and have left fans disappointed due to their shoddy performances. The South Africans are the perennial team to beat for in the ICC events but they have made it a habit of feeling short when it comes to the big match and big day. You can call it the big match pressure or nerves, but they faltered many times at the closing stages. Coming to the newly looking England team, they seem a bit unsettled by their recent series loss against South Africa but they would want to to forget that and move ahead. West Indies again are a very strong team but at the same time are inconsistent and also recently they have not played much T20 cricket at the international level. But if Chris Gayle stands and delivers then they can decimate any team on a given day. Finally, Afghanistan who have qualified and have shown superior performance can cause an upset though the chances are bleak.

Group 2 is a pretty interesting group featuring the current Asian Champions India, arch rivals Pakistan, might Aussies, men in Black and finally Bangladesh which is a dark horse.

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India is a pretty much settled team but in the warm ups the Indian bowlers were taken to the cleaners, especially Bumrah who was impressive in the Asia Cup. It should also be noted that Dhoni who took the game away from Bangladesh in the Asia cup final was unable to replicate the success in the lost warm up game against the Proteas. If one ignores this loss, India has a great and well gelled combination with the perfect blend of youth and experience. Australians, on any day are the team to beat and in ICC events they put up a strong show. This is one trophy which is elusive for them and they would be hungry to win this time. The Black caps are also a strong team but the recent retirement of Brendon McCullum is bound to hurt them. Coming to the most uncertain team, Pakistan who can show awe inspiring performance on one day and on some other day can put up a very shoddy display. Finally Bangladesh, it is a team which can spring some surprises such as in the recently concluded Asia Cup when they defeated Pakistan.

Overall, the Group 2 is a dangerous and power packed group and looks pretty exciting.

Personally speaking, I pick South Africa and West Indies from Group 1. Both these teams have players who have a lot of experience of playing T20 cricket in Indian grounds and have some quality players. To choose the 2 teams in Group 2 is a very tough ask, but I would go for India and Pakistan. India is mighty strong in the home conditions and going by the recent form they should advance to the next round. Even though Pakistan may seem an inconsistent side, they will experience conditions similar to home and have experienced players who can take them along.

But you never know, there might be some surprises. Tomorrow is the first match of the ICC T20 WC 2016 between India and New Zealand.

Wishing good luck to both the teams and may the best team win!!!!

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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Bad Times for The King of Good Times !!!

Vijay Mallya, one of the famous and popular business tycoons of India, the liquor baron and the person whom the Indian youth envied due to his flamboyant image and larger than life lifestyle is in a fix today. According to the sources, he owes crores of rupees to numerous Indian banks which he had taken as loans.

I would like to put forth my views on this but would not pass any judgement since it is not my duty. I will just list some points which a common man like me came across when I read about his debts, his abscondence and various tweets and interesting bites about one of the businessmen known for his extravagant and lavish lifestyle.

My primary doubt or concern in this entire debt fiasco is regarding the role of Banks. I believe there is a cap on which the businessmen are given loans. If a professional employee like many of us has to take a home loan or a personal loan we are given the loan on many parameters. Such parameters or norms may be different for businessmen but I don't think there can be such high degree of leniency in granting the loans to the tunes of Crores. So a question arises that how did so many banks give him loans when he was already under debt?

A thought which comes to my mind and may cross most of your minds as well, is that he might not have taken all the loans on a single individual or a single corporate entity’s name. But the point to ponder is that, in the end he is the sole individual accountable for that. At some point in the entire disbursal his name or his company's name might have come into the picture. Even then how did he get away? This remains a big question. It signifies that there were people in the bank who received decent kickbacks from him. At least I feel, without that it is entirely impossible to get away.

The next point is regarding the entire Audit process. We can think that somehow Mr.Mallya was able to bypass all the rules and regulations, he arm twisted few people in the banks and bent the rules with his power to get the loans he wanted, but what about the Audit process and the Auditors? As much as I know there is a stringent audit process in banks. There should be an audit process in his companies too and I am not sure how effective they were. But what about the audit process in Banks? Over the years, not even a single auditor was able to bring it to the table and demand an explanation. How the auditors were mum about his non-repayment which amounts to crores of rupees? It again signifies that the auditors were equally responsible and we can assume that they also received some real good favors to hush up the matters.

Another important aspect is regarding his recent abscondence from India. I believe he is not some unknown person. Most of the Indian citizens identify him; how come in the airport there was not even a single person who could have alerted the authorities. As much I as I understand if a person feels unsafe, the first thing he tries to do is to think of an escape route. Why the people who were investigating this matter did not flag off all the airports that he may try to escape and in case he is found he should be stopped? This again remains a question.

Coming to another aspect in this entire debt saga, is the role of opposition. As usual, the opposition party is busy blaming the ruling party and demanding explanations. But they should not forget that the current ruling party is in power for just about two terms and the opposition party was in power earlier when the loans were granted. It can't be possible that all the loans he took were during these 2 years and he was a very prompt businessman during the tenure when the opposition party was in power. This is one simple question which bothers me and many of us.

The biggest irony is that many Indian farmers who take loans to provide food to all of us have to commit suicide when they can't repay. Bank officials can harass them and force them to take such a decision but these big shots can easily get away even when they are under debt which amounts to crores. We, the employed professionals, the diligent tax payers will be denied a loan if we miss the parameters just by a whisker. If the Credit Card bill is not paid in time and even though it is just over some Ten Thousand rupees, banks will send recovery agents and they will haunt you like some psychopath stalker.
So, these are few of the doubts and concerns which have come to my mind and may have crossed minds of many fellow Indians during the recent times.
Superficially it may appear like a simple case but it is not. It is like a vicious circle in which many of the big names are involved. The people who helped Mr. Mallya take such loans, the people who may have tipped him off to escape and many such people.

I hope some stringent actions are taken.

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Vijender Singh's Golden Run continues!!!!!

Its 4 in a row for #VijenderSingh!!!

#VijenderSingh who has recently forayed into the Professional boxing arena defeated the Hungarian boxer #AlexanderHorvath. He won in the third round of the bout when the Hungarian boxer could not stand up on the count from referee. At the beginning #VijenderSingh was cautious but later extended some hard blows which the Hungarian could not sustain. #VijenderSingh has won all the 4 professional matches in which he has fought.

The Hungarian opponent had recently admitted that he consumed snake blood which would give him some magical powers and he would defeat his Indian counterpart. #VijenderSingh had aptly responded by saying that Desi ghee is enough to beat him and he emerged as a Winner.

Congratulations to #VijenderSingh on the 4th successive win in his professional boxing career!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wishing a Melodious Birthday to the Melody Queen !!!!

A voice which mesmerises the audience, a voice which makes you fall in love with the song, a voice which is an epitome of Melody. Once you hear her sing, you are bound to become her fan. 

Yes, I am talking about none other than #ShreyaGhoshal who is celebrating her birthday today and is one of the most famous and popular Indian playback singers. Earlier she started her playback singing career with Bollywood songs and has sung many timeless melodies. Today she is the most sought after singer not only for Hindi movies but also other Indian languages including Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

Let us wish the gorgeous and melodious singer #ShreyaGhoshal a very very Happy Birthday !!!! May she continue enthralling us with her honey-sweet voice and may her fan base multiply in numbers....

My Story - Origin and Beginning.

Hello All, I am back. Let me continue my story about how I came into existence and my early life. Before that exactly let me tell you who am I. The other day I just revealed my name, today let me tell you more about myself.

I am the Internet, a network of networks interconnecting computers, mainframes, mobile devices across the globe guided by various protocols. This is about me in a line. But it is not as easy and simple as said. It is complicated so let me not go into the technical stuff else you will be bored to death.

Earlier there was a concept called networking which was used to connect two different computers on the same network. Today we call it as Local Area Network or LAN. As time passed by, people and researchers saw a need to connect computers across different networks. This gave birth to Wide Area Network or WAN. This was the concept used to build me.

 Extensive research took place and I originated. I am based on various guidelines which in our terminology are called as Protocols. You know I have become old now, but as much as I remember, on Jan 1st 1983 a set of modern protocols was put in place which was the beginning of the modern internet. On a lighter note, you can celebrate this as my Birthday ;) :) By the late 1980s and in the 1990s, my existence was known to many countries and I was used across continents.

So guys, this is a brief insight on how I came into existence. I have only shared an iota of information about my origination and initial days.

Today all of you know WWW which is the World Wide Web. In the coming few days you will be knowing about WWW, how the e-mail system originated and many more interesting aspects. 

Keep visiting!!!